What is YO2ZING

YO2ZING helps creators to collect money on their monetization disabled YouTube channels.

How to System works

YO2ZING works under Content ID System. It means when creators use small part of music for their YouTube videos from ZING LIBRARY, YO2ZING claimed their videos..

How to collect money

Creators choose which tracks they want to use for their videos from our ZING LIBRARY to collect money on (monetize).


How to monetize your YouTube videos.

1. Above the mention creators need to find and download any music (which they wish for their videos) from ZING LIBRARY.

2. when creators create their videos, this music have to be used in their videos.

3. In order to claimed (monetize) their videos, the following factors should be considered:

  •  Music have to be used minimum 40 seconds or any minute

  •   Music must not muted. you can choose music volume level. In this part of    video where you use music from ZING LIBRARY, sound of music have to be more loud than loud of video, in order to claim video for monetization.

How do you know that your video is monetized

when you upload your videos on your YouTube channel, you will receive notification about copyright claim it means everything is OK and your videos are monetized for you.


Can I monetize already uploaded videos?

Unfortunately no.

we can not claim your already uploaded videos for monetization because your videos do not contain musics from zing library. You can download and edit your old videos, use our musics and re-upload as a new videos. After this we can collect money for you.

How much money can I make on YouTube through the YO2ZING YouTube

It depends on the viewer territory, the ad’s format, the device of the user and the user experience.  To make sure each viewer has the best experience, YouTube doesn't place ads on every view.  There are also territory specific issues. For instance in Germany, some of the videos containing your songs may not have ads placed on them.  This is due to a conflict between YouTube and German Performing  Rights Organization GEMA, and is not related to our Sound Recording Collection Service


Most important!

It is better if your video have only one copyright owner . In this case Y2ZING can collect 100% revenue.


If your video has several different copyright owner in this case revenue will be split equally. for example: You uploaded video on your channel which have two copyright owner, Yo2zing and second any other copyright owner, revenue share will be 50%/50% and etc.

when you can't collect money from your video

  • If one valid claim on a video has a Block claim and another valid claim on that same video has a Monetize claim, the video will be blocked for monetization. (you can check it from your YouTube dashboard ''view copyright claim details'')

  • Age-restricted videos are not eligible for monetization and are not shown in certain sections of YouTube. Age-restricted videos are also not eligible to be used as ads.

  • If your Videos deleted or channel terminated, follow YouTube policies (https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/policies)